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Truthful/Tell all Tuesdays

Ok, Ladies its Tuesday and ,as I said, today is the day we can all vent “anonymously” if preferred, and get everything off our minds..without judgement:)I will start the ball rolling:Is it wrong that sometimes I wish I was brave … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesdays

OK, Ladies. I know we are all perfect Mommies, as perfect as we can be, on any given day depending on whether or not we’ve had our coffee and/or enough sleep the night before. But I think Tuesdays should be … Continue reading

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Mom, Dad’s a boy, he has a peanut!

“Mom, Dad’s a boy, he has a peanut!” What you may ask yourself is my 2 year old talking about? Well, lets just say our 2 year old, like all 2 year olds I know,likes to follow us absolutely EVERYWHERE … Continue reading

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Frogs are for soup, Friends are forever!

Today I was reminded if a growing trend in today’s world, especially in regards to Mommies. You see, I am fully aware of the fact that, it is near impossible to make real friends as an adult. I know we … Continue reading

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.5 you never stood a chance

Tonight, though I obviously have 107,000 things that I ought to be doing, I have baby on the brain. I think it was the combo of visiting my friend and her new puppy( get your panties out of the bunch … Continue reading

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FYI, 4’s the new 16!

Have you heard that new saying that 40’s the new 20? Well, I don’t know who’s believing that load of crap but I’m pretty sure its not the 20 year olds and I’m fast approaching the 40 year end of … Continue reading

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Go away tumor, go away

Have any of you ever seen the commercial for the Saint Jude Hospital with Jennifer Aniston? No, well, you are missing out. In this commercial, Jennifer Aniston is sitting next to a little girl around the age of 9, who … Continue reading

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Today, there is Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, I was shocked by the news of the day. I spent the next 24 hours “feeling” my feelings. I’d be calm, then cry, then sad, then shocked some more, then irate.As I was packing the girls room up, while … Continue reading

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Ever have those WTF moments?

This morning, I woke up feeling a little nauseous in my stomach. Morning sickness, no not likely, it was that nervous feeling you get right before impending doom. As some of you are aware, it has been a hectic year … Continue reading

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Jammies, Ponies, and Yoga pants…Oh My!

Earlier today I am getting ready to take my girls to one of their classmates birthday parties, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I reflect on something ( excuse the pun) that just hit me like … Continue reading

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