Truthful/Tell all Tuesdays

Ok, Ladies its Tuesday and ,as I said, today is the day we can all vent “anonymously” if preferred, and get everything off our minds..without judgement:)I will start the ball rolling:
Is it wrong that sometimes I wish I was brave enough to dose my kids with ibuprofin, so they would go to sleep at a reasonable hour without me having to lay down with them?
Sometimes, I really miss my life before I was married or had kids, so much so that I fantasize about who I used to be:)LOL
OK, Ladies those are my two for today. Please share yours in the comment section. Come one! Come all! Don’t be shy, no one will judge you here. No one thinking how you are not up to par or dropped the ball in Mommyland.Just pure support and sisterhood!

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4 Responses to Truthful/Tell all Tuesdays

  1. Peggy says:

    I am sick of the monotonousness of my daily life. I load the dishwasher, I unload the dishwasher, I wash clothes, I fold clothes, I put away clothes…lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    These past few weeks I feel like I've been ignoring my "mommy duties" to take care of some personal issues I've been having in my life. I feel like I'm being the crappiest mommy ever and it's hard to snap out of it. I feel like 20 years from now, when they're living lives of their own, I will feel so bad about these two weeks I've missed being a mommy to them. and it really makes me feel like a failure.

  3. Anonymous, I am sure you are a fabulous Mommy. Just keep in mind, we set the standards for how our children will take care of themselves as adults. If we neglect ourselves they will neglect themselves.Plus, if we are no good to ourselves we are certainly doing them an injustice. Take your two weeks, fix those personal issues…you'll be a better mommy for it. I promise. You're not a crappy Mommy, if you wouldn't even be feeling crappy about neglecting your "mommy Duties". 20 years from now, your children won't even remember this 2 week period….unless of course you are beating them with a cat o nine tails, in which case…stop it:)You are a great Mommy…repeat it..I am a great Mommy!!!Hugs

  4. It's Wednesday now but what the heck. When my oldest was little we had to sit with her, rub her back and listen to the same Bob Marley tape every night…don't worry about a…Oh sorry, until she went to sleep. Now she is grown and likes to call me on her lunch hour to rant about stuff she's annoyed about. Sometimes when she calls I don't answer the phone.

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