Truthful Tuesday!!

Good morning, my lovelies! It is once again that time of the week. The day that we can come to our safe haven and expunge all of the wreckage of the week from our souls! Don’t be afraid, we won’t bite. Just take your load and dump it here! Happy Tuesday! I’m sure tomorrow will be better!
So, that being said, here are my 3 (yeah its been that kind of week) for the day; I wish so badly that my 2 year old could wipe her own little butt. It’s not that I don’t like helping her out but this week my back has decided to go out and it is rather impossible for me to bend over to her level to wipe her without doubling over in pain, which at any moment could become permanent form if the back decides to completely seize up. It’s like a really awful game of slots. I am just praying for no whammies!
I am wishing I could grant my four year old’s wish, to teach her a lesson. Last night, she informs us that she wants to be an only child.Little too late for that one, we have 2 children. I so want to banish her from her little sister for 24 hours so that she knows how much she would truly miss her. Of course, at the mere mention of grounding her away from her sister, she went into hysterics and said she only needed a couple hours!
OK, I have one more. I wish that I could freaking find my back pain medicine amongst all the rubble that is my slowly but surely unpacked house. You know the house I just packed up in January and moved 1/2 way across the country,only to have them inform us 7 days later that we would be returning home. Not to be stuck on repeat but I am perfectly within my rights to be pissed at this situation.All 10 of the times I was searching for my meds in the past 3 days, I have wanted to kick somebody’s teeth in. I have yet to hurt anybody and the meds are still lost in space. I know you are wondering, “Why doesn’t she go see her Dr. and get more?” The answer is simple,with the return home and the downsizing, we lost our insurance.So there you have it, the gift that just keeps on giving!!! Hugs all around!!

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7 Responses to Truthful Tuesday!!

  1. Oh God, sounds like a nightmare! I hope you find your meds soon. I love the idea of Truthful Tuesday, great to just expunge all the crap on one day!

  2. Apparently, I was the only one who had anything to expunge in the safety of Truthful Tuesday…thanks for listening:)LOL

  3. Oh, oy. I had one child crawl into my bed at 3 a.m., and another crawl in at 5 a.m., which woke the first child up, for good, we had no naps (and my kids still desperately need them) and my husband is on a week long business trip. In Las Vegas. Deep breath, exhale!Peryl

  4. Peryl,SO, sorry! That's rough when it all goes down and your husband's out of town. Lots of deep breaths. Your kiddies must be around the same age as mine. If my girls don't get naps, oy vey, nobody wants to be around them. They turn into crazy, cackling little monsters. Its quite scary. As far a being awake since 5 am, that stinks but its better than being up at 3 am for the rest of the day. For some reason, if I wake up before 5 am , I become physically sick.No thanks to that. I hope today is better for you than yesterday! Big HUGS!!!

  5. AHHHHHH if I have to wipe any more stinky little butts, I just may REALLY go CRAZY LOL…I am on my 4th child, almost 4yrs old, but still hollering for me every time she poops! Sigh! Found you on MBC, I always appreciate the Moms who keep it real! I try to do the same in Crazy Town! Check it out when you get a chance, look forward to following each other! I'll grab you on FB too! Happy blogging!

  6. ~J says:

    Hugs!I'm still butt wiping…who am I kidding? I'm still diaper changing my 3 year old son. Did I mention he still sleeps in my bed…yeah, so—LOL.Your blog is great!

  7. ~J,Mine both end up in my bed occasionally. WE bought a king sized bed when we got married because my husband is 6"5, who knew it would come in handy as a family bed:)LOL Don't feel bad about it, believe me..I know LOTS of moms who, once you really get to know them,will admit that they have babies in the bed.It feels like defeat sometimes…but its really just picking our battles and sometimes, especially at 3 am , I don't feel like fighting. AS far as the wiping butts..well, all I can say is I don't expect the tripod to be disappearing anytime soon. I really should just be grateful that she is potty trained:)Hugs right back!

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