This Mommy Brain is gonna kill someone

OK, so just now it came to my attention ,as I actually have 5 minutes to think, that I have not shaved my legs for 3 days because I dropped my Gillette and it shattered into a thousand little pieces.By the way,just a little secret, a Hispanic girl cannot be running around town with no razor because you know what that means…there’s a damn hairy woman on the loose! I’m not being funny. The reason I had no razor, well because I ALWAYS completely forget about what I need from the store because I am trying to remember what everyone else needs..cause I’m a Mom or I have my two little ankle biters (more like hip biters they are getting so tall) in tow.Of course, when they are with me, I am on complete autopilot to my surroundings, except where it concerns their well being. Yeah, don’t make the mistake of trying to talk to me when I’m with them.You will seriously walk away thinking,” That poor “special” Mom, all alone with those kids!” Anyways,so sidetracked, damn Mommy brian brain! The hairy legs got me thinking, this whole “mommy brain syndrome” it could really be dangerous, even more so than me being mistaken for a Sasquatch and being shot by a hunter. Here is a brief list of some (just some) of the things that have endangered my family and myself; washing hands while drying hair ~brushing teeth with diaper cream ~ mistaking my exfoliating mud mask for moisturizer ~ mindlessly plucking gray hairs (can you say bald spot)~ not being able to remember if you took your much needed back medicine, so taking it again( getting really relaxed and pretty useless ..woohoo)~driving while watching the kids in the rear view mirror, as if you can actually stop the cat fight that is going on between a 2 & 4 year old by sheer mind control~ leaving the house forgetting to turn off the iron, flat iron, running water~ forgetting to lock any and all doors when going on a weekend trip (shhhh, don’t tell my husband)~ going out to get the mail in your pjs..only to be locked outside by a 2 year old who doesn’t know how to unlock the door in 20 degree weather ~ same 2 year old locking you out of running car~ forgetting to put a bra on in mad dash to return movies before incurring the late fee~ forgetting to brush your teeth (sorry people)~ forgetting to stand back away from it all, breathe in, exhale and love those crazy little babies for who they are in all their nerve wrecking glory! There is so many more instances of my Mommy brain but if I told you..well, you know what I’d have to do:) Please keep an eye on all of your Mommy friends and let them know there are groups for all of us Mommies with Mommy Brain Syndrome..they are called friends and we can all use a few more and support one another through these trying and dangerous times. Please be safe and Mommy Brain responsibly.Happy Mothering! Whew, thank God the kids are in bed…Mama needs a pometini!Rehashing all the dangers of my Mommy brain has caused me to have a thirst.Stirrings Pomegranate Martini Gift Set - 4 Piece Set

About Deborah Cruz

The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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6 Responses to This Mommy Brain is gonna kill someone

  1. ~J says:

    Bwhahahah!! Preachin' to the choir…I can scarily relate to all of the above. 🙂

  2. Peggy says:

    Love it! I needed a giggle. Sorry to tell you when you are a blonde of Irish and German descent, you can go to the soft stage without anyone noticing!

  3. Peggy~Lucky you! When you are a mix of Mexican, french, Italian & Irish…you don't stand a chance and you become a hairy monkey within 12 hours!Not fair..thank God my girls got their Daddy's good hair German genes!LOL No worries ladies, I found a disposable in my suitcase!WOOHOO!!

  4. Nan says:

    I follow you from FF , here is my blog, please follow back your blog very nice

  5. So, so true of every day of my life!! I have not shaved my legs in longer than I care to say – seriously, people are lucky I remember to wear pants some days. I believe mommy brain is a result of having to stuff too many things into a limited space (one's brain) which results in some other things falling out. And it only increases with each child! I'm now in love with the Pomegranate Margarita! But the Pometini sounds lovely too :). Peryl

  6. Jane Sleeth says:

    Never fear, you are not alone, my mommy brain is showing no signs of going away either. Recently on trash collection day I rushed out the front door with no sweatshirt or jacket on to put something in the recycling bin and my then 2 year old daughter dead bolted the door behind me and I was left standing out in sub-zero temperatures for twenty minutes trying to talk her through unlocking it. I am so happy to see I'm not the only one who has managed such a feat. Last week I posted a blog on my site about a new study purporting that Mommy brain is a myth – and demonstrating from my own most recent experience of driving with my husband to the wrong venue for our first evening entertainment experience in three years as my Mommy brain had it all wrong yet again.

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