Thought I’d share this with you girls!

Swank Mommy - please accept images to see this email
we're feeling lucky!
That’s right. We’ve finally launched our new web site! And, we’re feelin’ lucky! Not only because we love our new look, or because St. Patty’s day is now right around the corner – Behind the scenes, we decided to enhance many of our existing products and add a few more. And you know what? We love them so much, we’re ordering them too.
If you have not been to our web site in a while, please check us out by clicking on the banner on this page.
We have not left our genesis of products, just did some dusting for the Spring. We continue to specialize in fashionable, customizable jewelry. Definitely hip, with a hint of understated elegance, all discs, loops, and tags come in sterling silver and 14 karat gold. A choice of chain is included, and you can even and add birth dates and birthstones. How you customize your Swank jewelry is completely up to you.
So make a statement. Celebrate the ones you love. And, have some fun.
Enjoy 10% OFF your purchase now through March 11th.

About Deborah Cruz

The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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4 Responses to Thought I’d share this with you girls!

  1. SandyM204 says:

    Found you via MBC and really like your blog.Please follow me back at:'ll get to 200 followers together. 🙂

  2. ~J says:

    Thanks for the coupon code..I have to have one of those adorable necklaces!

  3. Thanks for the code. I love saving money! I'm a new follower from MBC. You can find me here:

  4. Thanks for sharing Debi – cute stuff :).Peryl

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