A toddler, A preschooler & a petulant teenager!

With the current living arrangement due to my honey’s career, we decided that I needed some help around the house with the girls. Luckily for us, I happen to know of a super, terrific Joe Jonas look alike ( according to my daughters and to their great enjoyment) little brother who is a great help , when he chooses to be. A couple weeks ago he came and helped enormously. It was priceless, the assistance that he gave. He was patient, understanding, funny, sweet, pliable, did I mention PATIENT. I mean way more patient than I think I am, at times, and I’m the Mommy. HE is one of those rare finds, like our dog, that loves kids and just lets them jump, pull and hang all over him. Needless, to say I was impressed & was looking forward to an encore performance from my little brother. Then last Wednesday, I picked him up and he escorted us downtown. Very helpful and I couldn’t have managed without  his help, well, I could have but it would have been a much more difficult task. By Friday, my little Manny (Male + Nanny) apparently had enough and was evolving into a petulant teenager. He is, in fact, still a teenager. It started with my 5 year old adamantly refusing to eat her apple sauce ( seems lately they refuse to do anything  I actually want them to do). After about 10 minutes of her and I going back and forth, the Manny looks her dead in her little blue eyes and says ,” Eat it or I’ll throw it in your face!” WTF???? Excuse me, crazy..if anyone is going to throw anything in anyone’s face…It’ll be me and until I reach that moment of complete insanity, its not going to happen.  “Excuse me? Don’t say that to my girls!” Him: “I was just kidding.” He wasn’t and if he thinks I am stupid enough to believe that well, then let’s say my little brothers opinion of my intelligence must be pretty low! My five year old was in shock, and I think a little scared but mostly she just ignored it and filed his comment for some therapy session she’ll have in about 20 years. Actually, it may have all started on Wednesday when my 2 year old refused to carry her apple juice.So, the Manny put it in his coat pocket, only to find out that as he was walking around downtown he was leaving a trail of apple juice that was seeping through his new Pea coat’s pockets.What to do? Now, instead of having help..I have a toddler, a preschooler, and a petulant teenager. Not fair! I want my Manny back. Do boys get PMS? Maybe that’s it. Hopefully, he will wake up today and it will have passed. No matter what, look at how my girls love him! That’s gotta count for something.

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4 Responses to A toddler, A preschooler & a petulant teenager!

  1. Amy says:

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! So glad I found your's…I'll definitely be following you back! Have a great week!

  2. Eclipsed says:

    Teenagers are a scary breed. I'm terrified for what its going to be like with a teenaged daughter some day.

  3. I am terrified of when my girls become teenagers. My husbands already said he'll move be moving out…what about me? I want to be able to move out too?LOL Really, I'm hoping for the best, expecting the worst and going to make it as positive an experience as I can for us when it gets here.But yeah, I am a little horrified at the thought of all the estrogen that will be flying around this joint:)

  4. LJ says:

    I already got through my son's teenage years, quite successfully (in hindsight, anyway) but now my daughter is entering those OH-SO-TEMPERAMENTAL years… I am premenopausal and she is premenstrual!! Getting the picture??Oh, well. I have to keep remembering that this is exactly what she is supposed to be doing…stretching her wings, testing the limits, and breaking away to stand on her own one day.It sounds like you have great stories…check out http://www.emptynestsfullhearts.com and share your good advice with other moms who need you!

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