My so -called leisurely life Part deux; Cat in the Bag

Willow Tree Promise #26121
Dr. Phil had a husband and wife on the show tonight. The husband liked to come home and criticize his wife for not having enough done at the house (commence with eye rolling). You know he couldn’t understand why the clean laundry was stacked in piles..why couldn’t she just put it away. She only had two babies.She breaks down into tears. What a meanie! Does he not have enough to do at his job and that’s why he comes home with nothing better on his mind than to attack his wife? The poor woman probably was waiting with baited breath for this man to walk through the door and rescue her from her day. Who died and made this guy Martha Friggin Stewart? I, personally, would have went burning bed all over his ass a long time ago if I was continually criticized and made to cry. But that is just me. I’m wondering if she ever shot back with, “Oh yeah, why can’t you put the seat down? Put a new roll on the toilet paper rod? Read without moving your lips?” Dr. Phil, apparently wiser from being married for 3 decades, told this man to stop with this craziness. I think his words were (to paraphrase) “Trying to criticize a woman on how to do things or tell your wife what to do is like trying to put a cat in a bag. You will get clawed and shredded to pieces! Women do not like to be criticized!”
Willow Tree Together DEMDACO #26032Was this a big secret? We Mommies do so much but never feel like we can get it all done, so we have enough guilt about that topic. To have our husbands come home and attack us ( after they get to be in the real world and converse with actual adults all day) its just too much.  Daddies , we are your partners, not the enemy. Support us and love us and we will try to give you the moon, maybe even try and put away all that folded laundry.  Life’s to short to be trying to throw cats in bags!

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2 Responses to My so -called leisurely life Part deux; Cat in the Bag

  1. Peggy says:

    Oh my gosh! You made me crack up…"going all burning bed." You made my day!

  2. CRAZYMOM says:

    I just read both your posts on this topic. This guy is an idiot! I am glad I found your blog through Friday Follow. I look forward to reading more!

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