This is LOVE

About Deborah Cruz

The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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5 Responses to This is LOVE

  1. Jacqui says:

    i love the pictures!! you have a great looking family! hope all is well, take careJacqui

  2. Nikki says:

    The pictures are great!!! I feel the same way about my family…I can't get enough of them!

  3. You're all gorgeous. Gorgeous!!

  4. follow you from follow friday!! I would love if you could come follow my blog!mylittlestgravesies.blogspot.comHave a wonderful weekend!

  5. You know, I wish I could dress like your little girl third photo down. 🙂 In fact my hipster self did until I was about 25 but that was years ago and I figure if I did it nowadays someone'd lock me up so hey… But it sure is cute!

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