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And AWAY we go!

Seems like just yesterday, in fact I think it was, Gabs was saying “Me this and Me that” and now I hear the “I”s creeping in. Of course, I am proud because she is learning to talk like a big … Continue reading

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My First Friendly Friday

To join in the Friendly Friday celebration, include your link in our list, follow the hostesses in the first 3 spots and then start blog hopping! Visit other blogs on the list and comment to give them some blog love. … Continue reading

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Just a reminder to put it all into perspective

Remembering the bliss of birth All anyone ever tells you about birth is “It’s such a blessing” (which it is) and you forget about the pain of childbirth as soon as you hold your beautiful newborn baby in your arms … Continue reading

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Throat Punch Thursday: Mean Girl Edition

Well, there is an abundance of candidates this week for Throat punch Thursday, as you can see from my previous CNN streaming posts. Apparently, the world is coming to an end with all these maniacs on the loose. I really … Continue reading

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Sex Ed for Kindergarteners?

 I saw this on CNN  ( obviously, my new favorite online hot spot  as you can plainly see from my recent posts. I may have a slight CNN addiction. Is there a group for this? A 12 step program?) and … Continue reading

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Prams gone wild

Dear parents in Tooronga, Australia ( and the rest of the world for that matter) Please stay vigilant and engage all pram brakes when in the vicinity of all moving trains and train platforms. This behavior can induce an ‘incredible … Continue reading

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There are no words: I am speechless

Be warned: This story will turn your stomach and may induce uncontrollable rage against the perpetrators of these acts! I came across this on Facebook, brought to my attention by a concerned citizen friend ( apparently I have recently become … Continue reading

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