OMG…Tomorrows my 1 year Anniversary of being a Mommyblogger

I am  so excited! I just realized that tomorrow will be the 1 year anniversary of The TRUTH about Motherhood! Not sure what I will do to celebrate, as I will be relaxing my bootie off in celebration of Mother’s Day but I am sure I should do something spectacular. After all, it marks a whole year since I started my quest to follow my dreams and exhaust my potential. It’s not every day one gets off their ass and actively starts pursuing their dreams. I believe The TRUTH about Motherhood was my Mother’s Day gift to myself, last year. If you’d like to see some of the posts from that first month, please click here! Thank you for a wonderful year of catharsis, friendship, practice of my craft and pursuance of my dreams! Hoping there will be many more years and maybe a little more pursuance and even some fulfillment in the near future! Loving being a Mommy Blogger!!! Happy Mothering!


About Deborah Cruz

The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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5 Responses to OMG…Tomorrows my 1 year Anniversary of being a Mommyblogger

  1. Mrs. Beer says:

    Happy bloggiversary! Go blog wild! Build a blog cabin! Do it bloggy style! Too much? Ok bye.

  2. LOL! @ Mrs. Beer….NEVER TOO MUCH!!! Love it! Thank you!! I will…with the exception of the blog cabin, sounds like way too much work on Mothers Day weekend!

  3. Nikki says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! So glad that I found your blog!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! So glad you picked up pen, I mean keyboard, to share your insightful, truthful, witty and wise words with us!!

  5. Happy Anniversary.. Go for it!

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