Better than Ice cream

In a couple days, my husband and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary(we married when we were 19..not really but its the only way the math works if I am perpetually 30) and it has me feeling a little (how shall we say it) romantic! So this is for you baby! Because  for to me, you are better than ice cream. That’s saying a lot considering my love affair with ice cream. I could give up all other food, but not ice cream. Never ice cream!

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The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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3 Responses to Better than Ice cream

  1. GREAT song — one of my FAVS! THe disapline of being maddly in love with our hubbys is a key to life!! i am glad you are and feel thankful for your beautiful example. May you be blessed with many more years to come!! i have a friend who's husband died today, this morning. She is in her 30's with 3 little ones…sad. so yes, loving our men is a joy, delight, and gift to hold onto with gratitude. May we be thankful for the husbands/daddies in our lives.

  2. Mrs. Beer says:

    Tear. What day is your anniversary on? Ours is on the 17th!!

  3. @ Mrs. Beer, Ours is the 15th. May is the Becks month of love, first weekend Wayne's Birthday. 2nd weekend Mother's Day, third weekend our anniversary, next weekend Gabi's 3rd birthday, an the last weekend…Memorial Day! Ahhh, feel the love! Hapy anniversary to you and Troy!

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