All the Single Ladies…is there an adult in the house?

Like everyone else, I came across this video and was a little shocked, as I have little girls myself.

I realize there are lots of little girls out there dancing to this song, my girls included. It has a rockin beat. The controversy is because of how these little girls are dancing to this song. I think the gyrating coupled with the outfits (OMG those outfits are something) has sent the country into an outrage. I agree that it may not be appropriate but who is at fault? Not the children. They are little girls dancing their little asses off and having a blast doing it.The person responsible is the coach/dance instructor who thought these outfits and dance moves were a good combo for 7-9 year olds. This world is full of enough perverts do we really need to give them an internet virus to catch hold of and run with? I just hate that theses little girls are now made to feel like they are dirty and have done something wrong. My God, its made the  National News . The news is making a big stink that the girls are too young to be so sexy. “So sexy”? Is there any amount of sexy that is alright for that age group? Come on people, lets place blame where it belongs… the coach/instructor/choreographer. I know the parents are being reprimanded for poor choices but let’s be realistic. Sure, they are at fault for allowing it to come to fruition on a stage in front of national media but have you ever had a child in a dance class/ organized activity? Its not like the instructor actually comes out and takes a vote from the parents. They are not particularly keen on having to run everything past the parents. Isn’t that why we pay them the big bucks and entrust our children to them? If you are like me, you insert yourself into the situation somehow via volunteering and such. We have to know what is going on with our children. This is ridiculous.What about the WOD? I mean wasn’t this routine ran passed them in the first place? Even on paper, this would have looked like a train wreck from a mile away. God knows these little girls didn’t think of this routine as being sexualized? They are proud to be dancing and getting all the applause. Its fun to dance that  hard. My little girls saw this video( they walked in when it was on the news) and said Gabs:”Wow! They can really dance!”, Bella: “To me..those girls are amazing to be able to do that!” My girls didn’t notice the raunchy costumes or know that the moves were actually air fornification. Maybe we should blame that same media that is vilifying these parents and children  because they are the same ones who wrote “I can’t really recommend this movie for adults or anyone over the age of 8 or 9. However, if you do have children that age or younger, you can’t go wrong with this movie.“. Hmmm! Did you see the Chipettes version of All the Single Ladies? Maybe that’s why these girls were so easily convinced that this was a good choice to perform to. Seriously, is there an adult in the house? Someone in charge who knows better ?  My real concern is for those little girls’ backs…I was seriously afraid one of them was going to throw their little backs out from dancing so hard. You go girls!Happy Mothering!

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15 Responses to All the Single Ladies…is there an adult in the house?

  1. My jaw just hit the floor. Come on now, are there really moms out there who think it's okay for their 7 year olds to dress and dance like strippers??? I'm so glad I have 3 boys!Stopping by from Friday Follow. I'm your latest follower.Lots of yummy love,Alex aka Ma, What's For

  2. Mrs. Beer says:

    I saw this yesterday! I think its disgusting. More often than not, fat washed up moms live vicariously through their little daughters, willingly making them into what they could never be. I can't believe these moms would push their innocent pure little girls to be sex objects dancing to a song about "single ladies"!!!? To suggest these girls are "ladies" on the prowl enjoying their newfound singleness is sick and wrong and uggghhh!!!!! The moms and choreographer make me sick. They are CHILDREN!!!!!!!!

  3. Mrs. Beer says:

    PS. They are dressed in lingerie for Christ's sake. I am surprised there's not a pole in the middle of the stage. This pisses me off!

  4. alexis says:

    I can't believe this video. I think you're right to place part of the blame on the coach/choreographer, but I think these girls' parents are very largely responsible. After all, there's a good chance the person who taught these girls is a recently-graduated college cheerleader who thought it would be cute. If these were my daughters, you'd better believe i'd be at their dance class checking up on them and asking to see their routines. These girls are so young; their parents should be much more involved in the decisions made on their behalf, like this routine. I think it's a shame that ANYONE thinks this is OK, but most of all their parents.

  5. Queen Bug says:

    Wow… that's just….. I don't know. I have 2 daughters and I turned it off when they came in the room. I gave you a blog award on my blog! 🙂 Hope it brings you more followers.

  6. Barbie says:

    I am in shock. This is so wrong. I don't know what else to say. I am speechless.

  7. ModernMom says:

    Thanks for the follow and following right back. Loving your blog!Now. I have two girls. 8 and 11. This made my stomach turn. There is plenty of time for "bar dancing" and what a shame, cause those little girls can dance! If the instructor was going for shock value. They got it.

  8. Hey!I just wanted to let you know that I have given you an award, so be sure to stop by my blog and pick it up. I have included a link!

  9. I don't think those parents realize there are sick folks out there who love to look at pictures of half-naked girls gyrating around. It's disgusting!I'm your latest follower through FF! I hope you'll stop by my blog at and say hello.Sharon☺

  10. following from Friday Follow. This video is shocking to me.. we should let our little girls be just that!!!!

  11. I was on the phone w/ my sister when she watched it. The video has since been taken down and I'm so sheltered I didn't get to see the whole thing, just what is on the news. Anyway…I found this video and thought it was cute and wanted to share.

  12. ~J says:

    What's sad is, these little girls have amazing dance talent and how no clue some sick bastard somewhere is enjoying this on a whole different level…gah!

  13. joeandbridge says:

    Hi there! Happy FF (On Saturday-LOL)Have a Great Weekend! Bridgette GroschenGroschen Goblins

  14. MOM says:

    Oh come on! they are imitating art and they did a great job! At a dance competition! I am a mom and if my girl wanted to dance like that and was that good I would support her! its not like she was doing it in an inappropriate place! the kids are 7 year olds and were amazing! If you get to read this girls! YOU ROCKED IT!

  15. anastacia says:

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