DON’T mess with Texas

I’m sure you’ve all seen this video about the 13 year old boy,Isaiah Johnson, in Houston who was brutally beat down by his teacher, Sherri Davis. Jamie’s House Charter School, a school for students at risk where many of them have disciplinary problems, fired Davis, but Isaiah’s mother, Alesha Johnson, wants her put behind bars. I agree.
Does anyone really think that her behavior is acceptable under the circumstances? Perhaps, if she feared for her life or that of the others in the class? Perhaps, if he were wielding a knife or gun? They say that the teacher unleashed the beating on the student when he provoked her by teasing an alleged mentally challenged student. Still, no excuse for this behavior. Reprimand him, send him to the principal to be properly addressed. My God, she BEAT a child. She physically and mercilessly laid hands on him, repeatedly.  If a parent beat a child they’d be brought up on charges. At the very least shouldn’t this woman be locked up somewhere? I can tell you that if a teacher beat my child like this, I’d find her and exact the same punishment that she had exacted on my child. A teacher is supposed to be a trusted individual that you leave your child with for the day to expand their intellectual boundaries that does not give them cart blanch to discipline a child in such an extreme manner. I don’t believe in corporal punishment at all and I surely don’t think that a teacher has the right to lay hands on a child.I thought sending a child to the principal’s office for a swat was barbaric back when I was a child. This…well,this is something quite different.My hopes are that with all this media attention, Ms. Davis will be brought up and charged and have her teachers license revoked. I think she is a menace to society and has no business around children.
Even worse so, there was reportedly other teachers witnessing the incident. Really, no one thought it was a good idea to intervene and stop this. It is also reported but not confirmed that students were threatened to not leak the footage by one of the adult witnesses.I think any parent whose child attends that school should take a closer look at what is going on in that place and the people running it.

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7 Responses to DON’T mess with Texas

  1. ~J says:

    I watched this video on the news the other day and cringed…you could see this kid hoovering in the corner..horrified while this excuse for a woman was knuckled up taunting him.OH so help me God she's LUCKY…lucky that wasn't my child. It's a scary thought that this goes on where we send our kids and assume they are safe.

  2. sara says:

    I'm sick from watching this video. That woman should be in jail. No question. And if there's justice, she'll be put with a cell mate who will want to "show her the ropes"

  3. You know, we grew up with corporal punishment in our schools and it was no big deal. In fact it was a pretty good deterrent and wasn't very brutal, just embarrassing. Nowadays teachers have no "weapon" to keep unruly kids under control and are subject to terrible behaviour they can do nothing about. I don't think there's any reason for a person in authority to physically assault a kid but in the teacher's defense, have you seen kids these days in school? I'm surprised the teacher's don't snap more often. I don't AT ALL condone what that teacher did, but I'm willing to bet that the kid was no angel in the matter either. People don't realize what teachers put up with on a daily basis. They're just human and we all snap sometimes but yes, that woman should have been fired for not being able to control her impulses, absolutely. Making her out to be the anti christ though? No.

  4. @ j, I am with you! They would have had to pull me off this woman. It is scary to think what goes on t school when we are not there.That's why I have been so diligent about finding the right school fro my daughter. I have to trust the people that I am entrusting my child to.@ Sara, I concur.@ Vegetable Assassin, I too grew up with corporal punishment and it was a good deterrent.I was too much of a goody goody to ever have gotten in trouble but I still think it is bullshit. I would NEVER let any adult, under ANY circumstances raise a hand to my child. I don't do it. Neither can they. it's that simple. I have been in the classroom and do work in the education field still and I understand how trying students can be at times. Still, there is no excuse. I have lived both sides of this coin; the teacher and the parent and under absolutely NO circumsatnces do I think this behavior is excusable. She is an adult and he is a child, no matter what attitude he had she is suppose to find a way to handle it…non violently ( unless, as I had stated her life was in danger by which from the looks of the cowering student, I'd say she was not). I don't think she is the anti-Christ, I just think she is yet another adult who lost control on a child. Since she is the adult, she is the one to be held accountable.But seriously, if it were my child….I would have beat this woman's ass myself.

  5. Again, I'm sheltered, I hadn't seen this yet, heard about it, but didn't see it. I couldn't finish watching this video though, my God it outrages me! I have to say, if that were my child, I'd be in jail right now!

  6. Laina says:

    This is absolutely appalling!

  7. I couldn't believe this! I mean, first of all, she's a teacher and that's a student. But who treats anyone this way ever??? It's assault! It's illegal. That teacher should absolutely go to jail. It is never acceptable to beat somebody in our society. I'm so glad I found your site. I love it!Lots of yummy love,Alex aka Ma What's for

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