Wishlist/ Wordless Wednesday

I heart these boots! 

If only Louboutin would do review/giveaways..that is something I could really sink my teeth into. Something I could support and rave about! But Alas, it is not to be! Come on people, Mommie’s feet need love too!

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The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood http://www.motherhoodthetruth.com
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8 Responses to Wishlist/ Wordless Wednesday

  1. Laina says:

    I couldn't even stand up in something like this. I am not a heels girl, never have been. But they are pretty stylish!

  2. Oh yes, I'd enter that giveaway for sure!!!!! Those are amazing!!!!!Lots of yummy love,Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinnerwww.mawhats4dinner.com

  3. @ Alex, right? I would so do some PR for Louboutin! Mr. Choo? Manolo? I don't discriminate..I'd PR for you too!LOL Birkin? Chanel? Burberry? You too!

  4. ~J says:

    Oh Louboutin……..my heart just skipped 2 beats!

  5. Oh, I know, I crave boots too…Btw, trying to return some of the award love to you in my post today!

  6. @ Peryl, That is so funny! I just received like 4 more this past Friday that I need to post and share.I love that people like my blog/writing enough to give me award. It makes my heart smile. I just have to be better on the ball about spreading the love!I am ever so grateful though that people think of me! Happy Mothering!P.S. I crave heels…these boots are ridiculously awesome. My husband emailed met his morning and said, I read your blog. I told him not to worry, I don't expect him to pony up the $1700 for the boots. I have more pressing matters to pay i.e. catholic school tuition,ballet, groceries, mortgage..lol! But one can dream! Ahhhh, we need a Mommy discount don't ya think?

  7. purseblogger says:

    Oh my goodness! Those are quite the boots. My hubby would call them ass-kicking boots. LOL! Love 'em!

  8. Erin says:

    Oooooh, pretty! I love them!Thanks so much for stopping by my blog—I'm here to return the favor & am about to become your newest follower!

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