Got Milk?

Apparently this is newsworthy these days. Interesting. I’ve seen a shot similar tot his  many times. All along, I thought I was doing God’s work and feeding my daughters, not being pornographic and newsworthy. This is a picture that  Modern Family’s Julie Bowen took of herself breastfeeding her twin boys. We’ve all got these pictures. It’s just something to commemorate the moment. In our minds, its such a precious moment to capture.She appeared on the View back in the fall and they would not air the picture, stating that it was too racy. In fact, they never even aired her spot. I’m not sure why she would want to share the picture on national TV but I certainly don’t think she had pornographic intentions when doing so. The big buzz about the picture comes after she appeared on George Lopez last week and the picture resurfaced.

  ‘Modern Family”s Julie Bowen Double Breastfeeds Her Twins (PHOTO, VIDEO)

How is it OK for Beyonce to dance around with her ass hanging out of everything on television but its pornographic to show a picture of two babies feeding? How have our values become so skewed?

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3 Responses to Got Milk?

  1. Tree says:

    OMG! I love George Lopez, and that video was hilarious! I think it's just ridiculous how people act with photos of women nursing! I also have a set of twins (12 yrs old now), and I nursed them both using the football hold too. One of the nurses in the hospital actually took a picture of me nursing them, and then called 10-12 other nurses up to watch! LMAO

  2. @ Tree, I mean maybe it would be weird if you were breastfeeding while football holding your 12 year! BUt I think breastfeeding babies is pretty much as natural as you can get:)

  3. I didn't breastfeed, but I'm not going to shun those who do. You can't even see anything in that picture. It's no different then when women barely wear any clothes….yet thats okay? Society has some pretty warped perceptions on things. I had a friend who was breastfeeding her baby in the mall…she was in the corner of an area, completely covered up and some older lady walked by and said something like…"that is disgusting, can't you go somewhere else and do that?" WHAT! Really?

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