There are no words: I am speechless

Be warned: This story will turn your stomach and may induce uncontrollable rage against the perpetrators of these acts!

I came across this on Facebook, brought to my attention by a concerned citizen friend ( apparently I have recently become nominated as defender of the entire child universe.Yeah, I have a cape and everything!) I  promise I don’t go looking for this shit! As of late, it just seems to keep finding me. I think my faith in humanity is really being tested this week. This story truly horrified me. How any parent can abuse and rape their own flesh and blood, I do not know. How a parent can stand idly by as someone else performs such heinous crimes against their baby, I can not fathom. The extent to which these monsters abused this child were excessively cruel and brutal. What could this child of 5 months have possibly done to incite such rage? In the beginning, these assholes received only 18 years, I think they should have gotten the death penalty. To be honest, this happened in 2002 and I hope pray that during their incarceration someone inflicts the same brutality upon them as they did baby Briana! To read the complete story of Baby Briana Lopez, please go here.

Behold, the people animals douche bags pieces of shit demons who raped and killed a 5 month old!

About Deborah Cruz

The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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3 Responses to There are no words: I am speechless

  1. Laina says:

    Oh my heavens! My stomach is all in knots about this. I was only able to watch the first minute. I couldn't look at it any longer. I don't even know what to say. These people should be locked up for life! What is happening in this world? Our children are not safe anymore? There are preditors in church, teachers in school, daycares, and sometimes even family members! It is truly sad.

  2. Tree says:

    Every time I watch Brianna's story, I am sick to my stomach!! That poor, innocent child left in the hands of such monsters…her parents no less…just makes me SICK! I hope they are suffering terrible abuse in the jails for what they did! So very sad that a parent could do something this awful and disgusting to their own child. 😦

  3. I couldn't get through the video. Those pictures and what they did to her made me bawl. It is so incredibly disturbing how many many children are abused in this way….

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