And AWAY we go!

Seems like just yesterday, in fact I think it was, Gabs was saying “Me this and Me that” and now I hear the “I”s creeping in. Of course, I am proud because she is learning to talk like a big girl and use her correct pronouns. But there is something saddening about my baby turning into a little girl. It’s letting go of one phase and starting another one. Much the same as I had to do a few weeks ago when Bella decided that her lovey “Fi Fi LaRUe” (the most adorable pink poodle ever) that up until then she could not sleep without..ever ( this little guy has been same day shipped when forgotten @ Grandma’s. It was THAT serious!) is not so necessary anymore. Normally, at bed time, there is a mad scramble to find FiFi. It is a major event and Daddy and I know there will be hell to pay if that little poodle ever goes missing. But a few days ago, FiFi was missing at nap time and Bella was all like,”It’s OK Mommy. I can live with out her for one nap.” OMG! And just like that..a dagger in my heart. I could care less about what happens to FiFi. It’s not about losing FiFi, its about this being a representation of losing yet another piece of Bella’s childhood. On to the next phase we go.
Parenthood is a lot like a roller coaster. You know what’s coming…you are excited for the thrill of a lifetime. You get on and as it climbs to the top, it feels like it is dragging on forever and the trepidation is building to almost combustible levels. Then you hit the top and away you go. You are on the ride of your life and it is over in a flash.  That first year of my girls’ lives, everything seemed like it was in slow motion. We were wading through  blindly waiting for life to happen..first teeth, first step, first word….all kinds of firsts. Then you hit that 1 year mark,the baby’s mobile and away you go. Suddenly, your whole life is on fast forward. All you want to do is hit the brakes  but there’s no stopping this coaster once it gains momentum. Here I am, right smack dab in the middle of the ride..holding on for dear life, having the thrill of my life. I just wish I could slow it down a bit and  enjoy the scenery a little more. It’s going so fast, I feel like I am missing parts of the ride and afraid its going to be over way too soon.
Quick , someone tap the brakes, Mama wants to take a couple few  49,000 or so snapshots to remember the ride!

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The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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7 Responses to And AWAY we go!

  1. cheri says:

    i remember when my 2-year-old told me he didnt need his binky anymore because he's a big boy. i tried so hard not cry…from friendly friday 🙂

  2. Mrs. Beer says:

    That looks like so much fun!!

  3. New Follower look forward to checking out your blog more as soon as I finish the blog hop 🙂

  4. ModernMom says:

    Oh you will be so glad u captured the moment..before long they will want to ride all by themselves!

  5. purseblogger says:

    I so hear you. I am so sad at how fast mine are growing up. We have no babies/toddlers anymore and I miss it. It goes by in a flash!

  6. My daughter will be 15 on Thursday, I am so heartbroken! It goes by in the blink of an eye

  7. This was a beautiful, touching, and absolutely brilliant post. I feel exactly the same way. My children are growing up so fast and I feel nostalgic about losing each stage before it's even over. It's definitely a roller coaster. Crazy, exhilarating, and the ride of a lifetime. XOXOXOX

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