Throat Punch Thursday; Slippery when wet edition

Well, I think we all know who deserves this weeks throat punch roundhouse kick to the head! Any takers? How about the asshole who has been letting the oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico for the past 50 days? You know the douche bag son of a so and so who is responsible for all the dead sea creatures, the sick workers trying to clean it up ( yeah, cause who would have thought that playing in oil for 50 days could be hazardous to our health?). Yeah, that’s know who I’m talking about…Tony Hayward Barack Obama   really who the hell can keep track any more! I mean I completely think Tony Hayward, the man who has been saying for 51 days that he’s going to get it cleaned up, is responsible for the clean up. His company made the mess, accidental or not; get your asses in their and clean it up! But then you take into consideration the fact, and its been argued according to law, that the US government should step in at some point and help with clean up efforts. It’s not a pissing contest boys…clean up the mess; animals are dying, people’s livelihoods destroyed, our planet maimed and battered beyond recognition and soon beyond repair! So, maybe I should just say that the special edition Roundhouse kick to the head with my doc martens on should be shared by Tony Hayward, all his board members at BP, and our government for being nothing if not lax  super efffing lazy in their reaction to the whole situation. Seriously, how much more of this needs to happen before stopping the gush becomes a priority?

Do we need to have a picture of a dead human wash up on the beach before anyone takes this seriously? With all the technology there is today, surely we can stop this thing from gushing; cap it, tap it, plug it, hell, put a giant tampon in it, take Costner up on his offer, whatever…but make an effort! Try , try again boys! There is a price for everything, and I think no one’s wanted to pay the literal price. Who wants to spend all that money if they don’t have to, right? I mean especially considering how badly their stock took a dump today. I mean come on…BP has lost so much money. Do you really think they should be punished and have to pay out millions maybe billions to stop the spill? HELL YEAH!!! Boo Friggin who…put some dirt on it. You’ll be alright! So, come here Hayward…Mama’s gotta surprise for you..POW! Right to the head! You too, the rest of you assholes that have been turning a blind eye! Did you feel that? No? Come here..I’ll be generous tonight. Hell, I’ll keep kicking til I kick some sense right into that big head of yours!

P.S. I have not nor do I plan on purchasing gas from these idiots. I am not financing their vacations while they destroy my world! So, I am instigating my very own peaceful protest!!! NO MORE BP…..until they clean up the SEA!!!!!! Spread the word!

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find that many photos apparently BP has put a gag order on the press and no one is allowed to take pictures of the animals washing up on the shore..something about their reputation.Right., because that’s still in tact.

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14 Responses to Throat Punch Thursday; Slippery when wet edition

  1. Krissy says:

    Following from Social Parade! Hopefully you'll visit my blog and do the same! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Laina says:

    You are so right about this! These people need to stop talking about what they're gonna do to clean it up and just do it already. Let's see some action being taken!

  3. Queens Mama says:

    Well said! I don't think BP is trying hard enough to stop the spill… I think they are trying instead to think of ways to collect the oil for sale rather than just plugging the dang thing up!I'm following you from Friday Follow now!

  4. Sarah says:

    I couldn't have said it better myself. BP doesn't care. They are getting free press because of this situation. When they do plug it and clean up, they are going to try to look like heros.Happy Follow Friday!

  5. Kristin says:

    It really is awful. I cannot wait until the VOLT vehicle comes out so that I can switch from a gas vehicle. We are only supporting this every time we fill up and that not only goes for BP, this could have easily been another company. They will never change but I hope that through this tragic experience it will open up the public's eyes and hopefully we will see that some things need to be changed. Sorry for my own mini rant but this is just horrible and no one can seem to contain the problem.

  6. I'm from The Blog Hop at This Adventure, Our Life.They really put a gag order on pictures of the animals? Wow. That's really going to save their reputation. This whole oil spill makes me sick and I'm so fed up. I just want to drive down to the beaches and start helping clean up the animals. I wish I had the time and funds to that!!!

  7. CourtneyKeb says:

    I'm new around here, and you have a fab blog by the way.Onto this post, can I get a THANK YOU??!?!?!!I live in Terrebonne Parish, South Louisiana and this catastrophe IS home. Our cost is being attacked, our fishing is threatened, our animals dying, or economy is suffering, and our own damned President won't even save us. My husband works in the oil industry, and as if we don't have enough to deal with with the oil spill alone, he may lose his job due to the deep water drilling ban and all of the rigs are picking up and moving only to probably not come back at all or at least within the next 10 years. I wish this could just go away, my anger and anxiety from it all really can't even get any higher. Anyway, thanks for shedding some light on it.

  8. Hi there, I'm a new follower just stopping by on Blog Hop Friday and want to throw out a big HELL YEAH in support of this post. I just posted on some people who aren't waiting on the cavalry (the government and BP) to come riding up on a white horse…they are jumping in and taking action! Please drop by my blogs and do the same for me? I wanted to mention that when I get enough followers for my blog to make it fun I will be having a series of Vera Bradley purse, wallet and accessory giveaways! J. Claire

  9. daniii♥ says:

    I read an article the other day about a diver who was the only one willing to go under without a haz-mat suit to see how far down the damage truly went. He went down 60ft and he still couldn't see anything but oil! It's truly disturbing.(visiting from nff)

  10. Robin says:

    Best throat punch yet!

  11. Queens Mama says:

    Hi again! You asked an interesting question! New York City is divided into five subdivisions which are called boroughs. Each borough is self-governing to a point but is part of a consolidated city, and in each borough there are different neighborhoods or towns. I live in Glendale which is a town in Queens. (I actually wikied it for more info here The boroughs are Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx. And, they are counties as well (New York County, Queens County, Richmond County, Kings County and Bronx County). It kind of makes no sense and yet it works! 🙂

  12. Queens Mama says:

    I wanted to clarify–each borough is a county in itself too! Manhattan is New York County and so on… confusing!

  13. Jen J. says:

    Hi I'm a new follower from Follow Me Friday! This is so true – those poor poor animals in the Gulf & the fishermen too. :(Stop by my blog sometime. :)

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