The illusive baby book

Before my girls were ever born, in the very early stages of conception , I became obsessed with  chronicling every single thing they would ever do. There were the usual; first tooth, first time crawling, first time sleeping through the night, first solid food, first trip to Grandma’s..and so on and so forth. but were those other things that I just new I never wanted to forget too, first tantrum, first time they bit someone, first concert, first time they threw up on me, first time they danced with a Wiggle ( oh yeah, my girl got pulled up on the was very reminiscent of Courtney Cox and Bruce Springsteen but with hot potato and smashed banana…). There have been a lot of things I have recorded. But somewhere along the way, things went horribly wrong.
The “baby Book” that I so painstakingly searched for and found after countless hours of searching the shelves of multiple bookstores has been forgotten. I mean its here. I know where it is….I think.Somehow it’s been reduced to random pieces of  paper, napkins, tissues with dates and occasions on them. To be honest, I am praying I wrote the year and the child because it may just be the action and the date. I was so in the moment that I never thought I’d forget the first day Bella laughed so hard that she blew milk out her nose, or the day 11 month old Gabs (I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure, all the signs tell me) ingested shit. Let’s just say there was poop on her hands, and it looked like poop on her face. That’s all I’m saying. Yeah, I called the doctor..there was nothing they could do but tell me to keep an eye on her, give me a statistic about how 100% of all money has traces of human feces on it (EWWWW! I’m not sure if they were trying to make me feel better or worse), and I’m pretty sure they they made a mark somewhere  ( you know some special database accessible to DCFS….1 eff up you’re a dumb ass, 2 eff up’s they’re coming in and taking the kids away!) It was an accident people, if it even happened….which I’m not sure it did!
Anyways, I digress ( as always). My point being, I have become accustomed to writing these little forget me not notes, or stashing tickets to their first movies, or a napkin from their birthday party because it was
is going in the book at some not yet determined time in the near future . It’s gotten so bad that now, whenever anything happens my 5 year old promptly exclaims ” Hey , Mommy. You’re putting that in the baby book, right?” I’m really not sure if she is being facetious, or serious. Either way, it makes me feel like a rat..lower than a a flea on a rat.
This weekend, I came to a life altering decision… I am going on a scavenger hunt. I am determined to find each and every single piece of tissue, toilet paper, napkin, scratch pad paper containing rogue information that I can find. When I do, I am going to bring that illusive Baby Book up to date. I plan to gather my randomly placed post it notes of my children’s life thus far and my scattered thoughts on the whole thing and put together the most effing awesome Baby Book to ever walk the face of the earth ( you know what I mean).  I’m thinking I may just have to arm myself with wine and water , lock myself in the basement with all the papers and power through and get it done. I wonder if they will ever know the depth and breadth to the sacrifices we make for them? That Silent Ninja Mommy assistant would be priceless right about now. Next on the agenda, the baby quilt I keep promising myself that I am making from their baby clothes. Also,with each passing day, my husbands ‘crazy’ idea that I log everything that happens in our children’s life into a file on the computer..seems to sound a lot better to me .

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20 Responses to The illusive baby book

  1. josie says:

    I'm your new follower from FMBT, happy Tuesday!Following you from my 3 sites:http://www.josieswindow.infohttp://www.josieskitchen.info

  2. David says:

    new follower from FMBT

  3. I have a confession. I never started a baby book for either one of my kids. It kind of makes me feel like a bad mommy. But, we do take lots and lots of pictures of the kids, so I guess we have that to look back on.Following you back now. πŸ™‚

  4. Laina says:

    Oh my dear, I can totally relate to this one. I filled out everything in my daughter's baby book the first year. She will be two in a month and I haven't written in it since she turned one. I scribble stuff on napkins and post its and shove it in the book but there were a lot of firsts that I didn't even write down. I wish I had taken the time.

  5. sarah says:

    I did a scrap book for my oldests first year. after that nothing. The other two kids don't even have books for me to fill out at a later date. I'll get to it, someday. Maybe.

  6. I started the baby books but haven't touched them since my youngest was about 6 months ahh! Oh well, I blog about everything so I have it all but one day I'll have to sit down and fill it out and make the most awesome baby book ever too. Maybe when the kids are 18? πŸ™‚

  7. I am the same exact way! My scrap book is filled in up to my baby shower for my son…since then he has turned two and I've had another baby! And she has nothing! LOLHi! I'm your newest follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday! I hope you'll stop by and do the same for me! πŸ™‚ I have lots of giveaways going on right now! Kim

  8. hi!i am your newest followeri am looking forward to reading your blogplease follow back:)Cristin Is Coupon Crazy

  9. ~J says:

    LOL..I hear ya… I was meticulous with the first ones baby book, so so with my middle child and just started a picture scrapbook for number 3…no baby book…Shame on me!

  10. Daisygirl says:

    Hi I am a new follower through FMBT! I have baby books up the wahoo! With my first I documented every little thing with my 3rd sadly didn't as much…but he is the star of my blog! πŸ˜‰

  11. Melissa says:

    New Follower from FMBT! Have a great Tuesday! πŸ™‚

  12. I’m already a follower! I just thought I’d stop and say Happy Tuesday! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  13. Krissy says:

    I started a baby book for my girls as well as a pregnancy scrapbook. Honestly, I completely forgot about keeping up my chronicaling of their childhood. My mom had everything that I did written down, but my two kids keep me so busy I just forget about theirs! I feel like a bad mom! lolI'm your newest follower from Follow Me back Tuesday!! Hopefully you can stop by my blog and do the same! Thanks!I currently have a $25 Walmart Gift Card giveaway going on!!

  14. Heather says:

    My kids baby books have gotten progressively crappier with each one. Now your guilt has creeped over to me. Good Luck this weekend and I think the wine is a good idea. Who am I trying to kid? I always think wine is a good idea.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Only my oldest has a baby book. The second one I bought one, and never completed. With the third child I just gave up :)Hi there, following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday! πŸ™‚ So glad to be here.Jennifer @

  16. sara says:

    I just updated about two months worth of Pie's book. Things had been so crazy. I'm pretty sure I forgot to put something hilarious, and completely awesome in there…if I could jsut remember what it was…

  17. lindseyloo says:

    i'm following you back, thanks for visiting my blog :-)xoxo,Lindsey

  18. Carrie says:

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  19. missykade says:

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