Sick Mommy Walking

Coming off this past weekend where I just spent every ounce of my energy tending to two very sick little girls, you can imagine my dismay when I called my own Mother this morning ( who was supposed to be coming for a week long visit)  only to find out she has changed her mind.

It went a little something like this:

Me: “Hi, Mommy (Yes, I still call her Mommy). So, when are you getting here?”
Mom:Hesitation in her voice, damn she must have read my FB updates about sick kiddies, “Well, I am trying to figure that out. When do you think would be best?”
Me: “Well, I thought you were coming tomorrow.”
Mom: “Well, I’m trying to figure out what will work out best for BOTH of us.”
Me: “Mom, the girls have both been sick all weekend. I am exhausted and to be honest, I think I am getting sick too. I could really use your help with the girls THIS week!”
Mom: ” Sick? What kind of sick? I think maybe I should come the week before the 4th of July.”
I think as soon as I confirmed the sickness rumors and she heard the word “sick” all she heard from then on out was white noise.

WTF????? Did she misunderstand that I just asked my MOMMY for help? What part of “I need help with the girls” is she having trouble understanding?

Me: ” Mom, are you coming or not?”
Mom: “Well, what do you think would be best?” ( I thought we just went over this!)
Me: Again, am I not speaking English? “I think I need you THIS week. The girls are getting well and will want to be playing outside and I will want to be in bed dying.”
Mom: “Ok, well you let me know.(Hello? Is this thing on?)  Oh, by the way, can you come here this weekend for you brother’s birthday party?” Commence my eye rolling and seizure having.
Me: WTF???Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Where is Ashton Kutcher, surely I must be getting punked! I love this woman but I am thoroughly confused. Apparently, we were playing a game of Chinese telephone that I had no idea that I was engaged in because she understood absolutely nothing of what I was saying.” OK, Mom. I will call you back.”

Apparently, my Mom doesn’t want to come take care of my children while I am sick but won’t actually say no. She’s from the south, they don’t like to be “ugly” about things. So, to recap; as I was being Supah Dupah Mommy this weekend taking care of any and all urges and whims of my poor sick children, my Mom is probably at home , at thsi ver moment, Lysoling the receiver to be sure she doesn’t catch my cooties through her land line. How can she be my Mom and we be such different types of Mommies? I should add that she only lives an hour away and she ALWAYS tells me , “When you are sick, if you ever need me to come help with the girls..JUST CALL!” I did! So much for that idea. Now, here I go back to my whining sick children ( Gabs is lying in bed making a sound like a dying calf) as I try my best not to go delirious with my own fever. Happy Mothering!

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9 Responses to Sick Mommy Walking

  1. CourtneyKeb says:

    AwwwI feel for you girl!

  2. Oh, poor you. Being sick while trying to take care of kids is the worst…I highly recommend television. Pop in a movie and take a nap. Btw, I have similar conversations with my mother – I'll call and suggest she (retired, with all the time and money in the world) come to Seattle for a few days while my husband is traveling, and somehow, I, with limited time and resources, end up making the six hour trip alone with two kids to her house. Cause she's so busy. Go figure.

  3. The only thing worse than taking care of sick kids is being sick while your kids are well. I had my first experience (new mama to 6mth old) about 3 months ago. He was vomiting every time he coughed and then I was soooo sick. I live four hours from family and friends. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

  4. ModernMom says:

    Ug I feel for you! Be well.

  5. Robin says:

    I feel for you. It is awful to be sick when they are sick. Take the over the counter medicine as often as you can. It will help some. Feel better soon.

  6. Heerow says:

    Love it. Your mom sounds hilarious. I'm sure she had that exit strategy planned out way before she picked up the phone. Hope you feel better though.

  7. Nikki says:

    Sucky!!! Isn't it funny that when your kids are sick all they want is mommy and now that I'm older when I'm sick all I want is my mommy too!! I feel for ya in the sick kid department. Although I have yet to catch anything! I'm sorry you feel so crappy and are tending to the sick kiddos. If I lived close by I would totally come hang out and help!!! I'll send you some good vibes via bloggy world!!!

  8. Mrs. Beer says:

    I don't know if my comment went through…? I didn't put in the verification code thingy… anyway, I said something along the lines of it doesn't make sense when your mommy doesn't come through after countless offers to come to the rescue when you're in dire need of rescuing. My mom pulled a fast one on me last week when my husband was out of town, offered to watch Avery after an incredibly hard, long week and backed out the morning of, after I had been counting down the minutes until my break time. I was, like, "wait. what? i don't understand…?" But it's hard to be mad at them because they come through most of the time. Something to keep in mind when our girls have young ones and we promise them we will "save the day" when they are overwhelmed. Probably an important thing to follow through!!

  9. Tiffany says:

    That is too bad about your mom not being able to get out and help you out when you're not well. I hope it is a quick passing sickness and doesn't take you down. Get better. I hope the girls are better already too!

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