Throat Punch Thursday: Condoms for Kiddies Edition

Well, we all know how I feel about sex education for elementary schoolers. What is this world coming to? When kindergarten through fifth grade students return to class at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown, Mass., this fall, they’ll be able to ask the school nurse for condoms.Well,that’s a hell of a school supply. That  better not show up on my beginning of the year wish list for the class, they can  just keep on wishing.Wishing they were older! No questions, no write your name down and call your Mama. It’s their very own don’t ask, don’t tell; the mini me version. It’s a free license to be promiscuous and experiment sexually when you are in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Some of these kids can’t even spell their names, tie their shoes, barely wipe their own asses. Now, we are giving them condoms. They don’t have the social skills to know how to deal with this. This is wrong on so many levels that I am beyond flabbergasted. I am on the ground passed out. Yes, I am lying on the floor passed out typing this post.
Thanks to a new, district-wide policy approved by the Provincetown School Board, condoms are now available to students in all schools, regardless of their age. Parents will not only NOT be informed, they can not opt their children out. So there is no paperwork to sign to say do NOT give my kid condoms! WTF? Who the hell are these people? What the hell gives them the right to do this without  my permission? They work for me, right? This is a damn infringement of parental rights if ever I saw one!Thank GOD my kids are going to Catholic school!
Officials say that there’s no set age when sexual activity starts and students who ask for condoms will also receive counseling and information on abstinence. OK, so we are expected to give these little kids condoms and not expect them to think its OK to experiment? It’s like giving them candy and saying not to eat it. They don’t have the restraint. Are we going to see an increase in “date” rapes? Little boys are going to think since they were given the condoms with adult permission maybe that means free range to have sex with whatever little girl they choose.
This is absurd. What next, passing out guns when kids start 2nd grade? Whose brilliant idea was this to give K-5th graders condoms? I mean are they passing out some special brand for babies? No way a condom made for a grown mans junk is going to fit a elementary schooler’s penis! I don’t have little boys so I don’t know how that works but I do feel that by doing this they have made the world a little lot less safe  unsafe for little girls.
This weeks throat punch definitely goes to the morons at the Provincetown School Board, the world renowned champion mental midgets, who approved this district wide policy of condoms for kiddies. Stay tuned, I am sure it will be coming to your town soon!Happy Mothering! Oh wait, better check to see if that is OK with the Provincetown School Board first. What’s next? Free abortion clinics operating out of the gymnasium at the middle school? Maybe free crack if you make the AB honor roll?

About Deborah Cruz

The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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18 Responses to Throat Punch Thursday: Condoms for Kiddies Edition

  1. Mrs. Mother says:

    I have no problem with schools having condoms available for high school students without having to contact the parents. I think if a middle school student asks for them, parents should probably be informed. And, honestly, I think kids in kindergarten through fifth grade shouldn't have access to it at all. I think we have to be realistic and know that most high school students are going to do it(although I am trying to teach my girls to wait until marriage or at least until they finish high school), but I also think it's a crying shame that children in elementary schools can even know what a condom is and what's for, let alone have access to it.

  2. Carrie says:

    Good post! Thanks for stopping by, Following you too! Happy Friday!

  3. First of all that's disgusting. And they wonder why kids these days are becoming sexually active at an even younger age. Well hello duh! I think someone needs to educate these educators.Second, happy Friday to you! I'm following you back and am so glad I am!

  4. katiegirl says:

    Back in my day, little boys in elementary school wouldn't have even known where to "stick it".What the hell has happened in the last 20 years?!?!

  5. Laina says:

    this is getting ridiculous! first grade is a little unnecessary. However, I think we do have to be realistic that in today's world it is becoming more common that kids as young as 10-13 are having sex. Crazy, I know. I think that should be more of a parenting issue though and it should be the parent's job to prepare and talk to their kids about sex.

  6. sarah says:

    I agree with Mrs. Mother. Elementary school kids having access to condoms makes me sick. I'm pretty sure that would fall under the title of "molestation". At least it does in my book. If kids that young are having sex, there's a problem.

  7. I read this on Facebook and almost came unglued! I am your newest follower!! I would love it if you followed me back!

  8. This is a SCARY story!I'm your latest follower through Blog Hop Friday! I hope you'll stop by my blog at and say hello.Sharon☺

  9. Sandie Lee says:

    Hi I'm here from Fun Friday Follow – Great blog :)Sandie lee

  10. Brandy says:

    This is absolutely disgusting! As a previous teacher I am appalled that they would let children of this young "make" choices like this. Now following from FFF.

  11. The whole thing makes me SICK! SO ridiculous.I'm a new follower from Friday Follow 🙂

  12. Queen Bug says:

    Wow, I am totally against that for 5th grade! That's just absolutely crazy. I am not sure I'd leave my daughters in a school that's going to just pass them out like that. I don't know though, my husband teaches middle school and they catch 6th graders all the time doing that, or trying to skip class. Part of the problem goes back to kindergarten. Kids are reading so much earlier and learning more things earlier. WE as a society are growing them up and maturing them way too quickly. It's a catch 22 and I think that maybe sex ed can start earlier, sure but not passing condoms. That's giving them permission and telling them it's okay to lose their childhood before they really have one.

  13. MageeBaby says:

    UGH! I was listening to the radio today and a show was talking about planned parenthood teaching sex Ed in the form of how to perform certain acts to little elementary kids somewhere in Iowa. EEW! Ick factor is giant here!

  14. Saveatunity says:

    New follower have a great weekend follow me back please 🙂

  15. Lucy says:

    Shaking my head, just shaking my head. This is not the way to TEACH! From a former teacher.Oh, new follower from Friday Follow.I speak my mind too, a lot!!!

  16. thriftymomma says:

    Hi I am a new follower from social parade. Hope you pop by for a visit.

  17. pgkcb13 says:

    Hmmm… well, I have mixed thoughts on this actually. While I believe its totally wrong for kids this young to be having sex, when I was that age I did have friends having sex, and they weren't using protection. Because of this they would have planned parenthood booths at the fairs and what not that would hand out condoms to just about anyone who asked, but they did try to talk to you about consequences. I also disagree with the notion that kids will have sex just because they have access to condoms. I carried one with me starting at the age of 12 or 13 and my husband is the only one I've ever been with. I had friends who did the same, and others who… didn't. I think kids are going to or they aren't, and the previous comment is right, it comes down to a parenting issue, and that much more than whether they have access to condoms or not…

  18. Kara says:

    This just leave stunned!!! I am appalled that this is even OK in that state…. town… I have a 3d and 4th grader now and I would like for my kids to be KIDS for as long as possible and with stuff like this it forces them to grow up and do things that physically and mentally they are not ready for. Everyone preaches how it is the parents job to watch and keep your child from doing things that will hurt them but now these schools are taking away the parents right to educate when they feel that they are ready to be educated and to introduce things like condoms when they are ready!!!! This is crap… absolute CRAP!

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