Seriously, Saks Fifth Avenue is taunting me!

Saks Fifth Avenue

I don’t believe its a coincidence that yesterday, I posted about how much I was in love with the Louboutin Perdue Platform Sandals and since then..I have received this  in my in box 3 times! Hey, Saks..Louboutin…not nice taunting a Mommy with these beauties. Either put up or shut up…I told you I’d do a REVIEW!!!!LOL Happy Friday!

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4 Responses to Seriously, Saks Fifth Avenue is taunting me!

  1. HRH Mommy says:

    Oh, I know I am going to love reading your stuff. Truthful, to the point, love it.Following you through Friendly Fridays. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog and follow me back at:http://mformommy.blogspot.comHappy weekend!

  2. sarah says:

    Ah Mah Gawd!!!! I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!! I wouldn't even wear them. I would put them in protective case to put on my entertainment center. Every day I would point to them and say to my kids " That is why you do good in school. So you can buy cute shoes for your mommy."

  3. @SARAH, bwahahahaha!!! That is so funny!If you see my post from yesterday (The shoes I am actually in love with) I had made the comment that I yesterday would wear them to do everything, vacuum, dishes, clean poopie diapers, fold laundry, run errands, go for walks…but I think your idea ROCKS!!! My girls love heels, so that would probably work to inspire PhD's..for lots and lots of shoes for them and me! Nothing like perpetuating my obsession:)

  4. Those are some amazing shoes. I feel the same way receiving emails from victoria secret whenever I'm pregnant. Aint no one wanna see this secret anymore!

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