And ..Im back

I apologize for  yesterday. It was just one of those days, where everything ganged up and the whole hair spot was just too much for my fragile psyche. At that point , I think a pimple may have sent me over the edge. I also want to thank all of you for your support and love. You Ladies..and gentlemen are by far some of the awesomest people I know. And I know you are all just dying to know what is going on with my hair situation, so here goes.
Obviously, after last nights whimpering episode, I woke up this morning and decided to put as much effort into taking care of myself as I do my girls. I got on the phone with that same ” I’m a Mommy and my kid is sick you better fit them in’ attitude and my doctor ( she is also AWESOME) fit me in..immediately. After a morning filled with hypochondriac what ifs, I was finally bound for a professionals opinion. I just knew it was going to be something awful..ring worm of the head, permanent hair loss, a fatal case of undiagnosed lupus. Oh yeah, my brain went there! I was a hot mess. I felt my eyes stinging and felt as if it had to be some thing awful..beyond just my vanity at a bald spot.  Though let’s be real..that’s pretty big. It’s not like a sixth toe or something, I can’t keep a bald spot on my part line hidden.
I head in, my doctor knows my husband is out of town and I am stressed, and that I am wound a little too tight these days. She handles me with kid gloves, and I do love her for that. So, she does the basics: temperature..normal, blood pressure…slightly elevated ( not surprised after all I was about to stroke out from bracing myself to get the official fatal diagnosis!), balding, scaly spot in my head..check. She decided that it didn’t look fungal….I’m thinking “THANK GOD FOR THAT!”Ewww! Uh oh. That is immediately followed by, “Oh shit! It really might be permanent baldness or LUPUS!!” She informs me, “I’m going to have to scrape some cells to check under the scope”. “Ok, let’s get this done so I can deal with it and fix it!” ( I have no time for this..really, I don’t!) So, she scrapes the frigging balding spot, “This may hurt a little”. Me  (in my head conversation) “Really, is it really going to hurt? You are scraping my damn skin off my head. I’m pretty sure that is not helping the aesthetics of that spot at all!” She scrapes, I wince, I bleed a little, and she leaves the room.
All the while, my girl are in the room coloring ( I told you I am alone with my girls..there’s no family in town). Bella draws a picture of the doctor and shows me while the doctor was out of the room. Me: “Aww, that’s cute but she needs some hair.” Bella: “Oh yeah, I forgot!” Gabi,”Yeah Bella, she no bald like Mommy!” Oh, I can always count on my girls to  make me laugh in a crisis.
Doctor returns; diagnosis….Seborrheic dermatitis. Know what that meas? Cradle cap! According to Mayo Clinic, Seborrheic dermatitis appears to run in families. Stress (yes!), fatigue(OH YEAH!), weather extremes( Heat wave of 2010), oily skin (yes), infrequent shampoos or skin cleaning( I clean everyday but hey, you can’t win the entire cause lottery), use of lotions that contain alcohol ( I wonder if my cheap wine that I’ve been drinking counts?), skin disorders (such as acne), or obesity( just one more reason to lose some weight!!!!) may increase the risk. Good news, not fatal. Treatment; Some baby shampoo and some topical medicine to clear up the skin irritation. The hair will grow back.Thank God! The funniest part, the whole time I was there my doctor kept saying ( as she is running her fingers through my hair looking for other spots), “You sure do have a lot of hair!”  I told you I had a lions mane..with one spot of mange:) Thanks for holding my hand through my mini Mommy breakdown! But, barring any unfortunate turn ( damn hypochondria)..I’ back to my same old snarky self; giving you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but..the truth!

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4 Responses to And ..Im back

  1. Bitch, I would've broke the fuck down too!!!! You did NOT over react at all! I would've LOST my shit! I'd have been on the phone with Mr. CB telling him there was an emergency and to get his ass home NOW! I'm glad it's nothing serious chick!

  2. Oh that's so funny! I was right! My Cam has that and the shampoo that I put in the comment is great for it! I make him use it once per week even if there are no signs, it keeps it away!I didn't want to say cradle cap because people would think I'm crazy!

  3. Cradle cap?!?! I didn't even know adults could get that!!

  4. Becky says:

    omg. i love the way you wirte, i was laughing and stressing right along with you. bur really, CRADLE CAP? who knew????

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