The perfect ending to a perfectly awful day!

I was all prepared to write something really snarky and funny but alas, it is not to be! After my nightly shower, once the girls were finally asleep, I dried my hair and went in search of those damn couple of rogue gray hairs. Yes, I pick them. I know, not smart. Anyways, I noticed the other day ( by touch ) that there was a little rough patch on my scalp. I figured probably a little sun burn, maybe ..who knows what. Who has time to look? I take a shower, I usually let my hair air dry, I go to sleep. I’m lucky I get to be clean.I have mirrors, I just never have the time to fully utilize them. But tonight, on my gray hair recon mission, I found the patch. I analyzed it. It’s red and flaky, a little smaller than the size of a dime and, to my shock and dismay, my effin hair is missing from the spot. So, I am sitting here whimpering. Yes, actually whimpering. All kinds of horrible scenarios have shot through my head. I know you are thinking to yourself, what kind of moron doesn’t notice her hair has fallen out…enough to have a small patch of missing hair? Me, the kind of busy, stressed out moron who has a lion’s mane for hair and almost always wears it pulled back in a ponytail. That’s who! I spend every waking moment obsessing over every inch of my girls bodies, analyzing it for anything that may need treatment. I am ready for all their lives. But in my own life, I don’t even have time to notice something as obvious as my effing hair falling out? Tomorrow, I call my doctor. Hey doctor, if you are reading this…what the EFF is going on ? I need something to get rid of the red spot, regrow my hair, and stop me from crying..stat!! This day has kicked my ass, and totally added insult to injury~ Is it stress? Am I going bald? Do I have some kind of scalp condition? Some kind of disease? WHAT THE F*CK!! All I know is I am going to bed, to pray to God that this is not serious and reversible and so I can sleep and not think about this shitty situation. Sweet dreams!

About Deborah Cruz

The founder/editor of The TRUTH about Motherhood
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7 Responses to The perfect ending to a perfectly awful day!

  1. praying that you will sleep well.

  2. purseblogger says:

    Oh girl, I'm so sorry. This day has completely sucked for me too. :(I hope you can get into the doctor soon. Good luck and keep us posted. xoxo

  3. Charity says:

    A little sleep is all you need mama!

  4. Peggy says:

    Oh, honey. Read this, pick your disease and then call the doctor. You will be okay and not bald…I am sure of it!

  5. My son has this condition called seborrheic dermatitis, it causes red flakey patches, adn yes the hair will fall out. It usually itches. He uses Nizoral Shampoo twice a week – keeps the issues away! It's worth a try – just don't use it every day!

  6. Dina says:

    you may want to try neem oil with a few drops of rosemary essential oil. It will help with the dryness and encourage hair follicle stimulation. you should still go to the doc just to make yourself feel better knowing what it is.

  7. *HUGS* I have really thick hair and my falls out in clumps sometimes. Mine is directly related to my thyroid. I would make an appointment with your doctor just to get it checked out.

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