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Coitus Interrruptus

Big Guy:” The Kids asleep?”Me: “Yeah, we better hurry.  You know they’ll be waking up soon for… something….anything”Big Guy: “OK. where do you want to do this?The kids are in our bed right? How about the living room?”Me:”No way, we’re … Continue reading

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Dog food for breakfast

A few seconds ago, as we progressed through our normal morning routine, my 2 year old gave our dog her treats, which had peanut butter on them. Not special dog peanut butter, just plain old Peter Pan peanut butter. My … Continue reading

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We don’t need maternity!!!

The other day my husband and I are trying to purchase a new insurance plan for ourselves. Obviously, we’re all rogue in this field trying to feel our way as we go. Normally, all the logistics of the plan is … Continue reading

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Beware: Object in photo may cause hormonal reaction

  Cutest baby ever.She is so precious, and that is definitely dangerous. This of which I speak is her effect on all unsuspecting Mommies who have decided they are done having children. You know who you are. We see one … Continue reading

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Fleeting Moments of hormone laced Insanity

It’s that time again, yes, everyone around me is either having a baby or anticipating trying to have a baby. I know, didn’t I just post about this? Anyways,there are two things that I have come to know as my … Continue reading

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Truthful/Tell all Tuesdays

Ok, Ladies its Tuesday and ,as I said, today is the day we can all vent “anonymously” if preferred, and get everything off our minds..without judgement:)I will start the ball rolling:Is it wrong that sometimes I wish I was brave … Continue reading

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Kids really do say the darndest things

We are on a mini vacation/ look see around town for my husbands potential new job, in Virginia. First, let me start by saying, this is one of the most gorgeous parts of the country that I have been to … Continue reading

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