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Life is GOOD

I sit here on this gorgeous Sunday summer morning, on my deck lounging as my girls play in their splash pool. I am surrounded by giggles as hues of bright white, sky blue and the warmth of the bright yellow … Continue reading

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Friday Social; Time to make some new friends!

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Bloggy Friends are People too!

Now that Blogger has stopped acting like a complete asshole! OMG..I was totally fiending to post last night and Blogger decided to hold my blog posting allowed. Not fair! Boo!!! OK, now that that’s out of the way. I’m … Continue reading

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If you’ve haven’t used in in two seasons…throw it out !

I’ve been watching a lot of Real Housewives lately..don’t know why. Maybe to annoy myself, maybe I’m bored, maybe its just so rainy and crappy out there’s nothing else to do but I did happen across a very important life … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesdays, March 30,2010; Mommy Breakdown in Progress

It’s Tuesday once again. Time for us to unload some of the things weighting us down in life. No judgment, just an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, and a helpful hand to help you up when you … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday, March 16,2010; sorta!

It seems today almost slipped by without recognition; I forgot to vent for the week. I really didn’t have much to be truthful about today, this week is much like last week, or so I thought. That was until I … Continue reading

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Random acts of kindness

I’ve been mulling over something that I really want to instill in my children…random acts of kindness. I used to be one of those people who saw the bumper stickers and thought to myself, that’s great but..whatever. I mean really, … Continue reading

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