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A crappy day in the life of an otherwise perfect existence

The entire point of this blog is to be honest with you. Not just when my kids are adorable, sweet and hilarious but also when they are being raging lunatics, whining brats and pretty much straight up assholes. Oh, don’t … Continue reading

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Mommies DON’T have favorites…do they?

I have two amazing , beautiful daughters that I simply worship. These two kids are my reason for being. That being said, some times they can absolutely drive me up a wall.  I mean, stark raving lunatic crazy. For instance, … Continue reading

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Love letter to my daughters

Bella, on the day you were born, I giggled uncontrollably. So many emotions flooded my mind that all I could do was laugh and weep, tears of joy. I fell in love with you the moment I looked into those … Continue reading

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Food Revolution: “When you invite people to think, you are inviting revolution”

“When you invite people to think, you are inviting revolution” … Ivana Gabara. Did anyone else see the first , or was it the second episode, in which Jamie shared with the kiddos how chicken nuggets are made? I think … Continue reading

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We don’t need maternity!!!

The other day my husband and I are trying to purchase a new insurance plan for ourselves. Obviously, we’re all rogue in this field trying to feel our way as we go. Normally, all the logistics of the plan is … Continue reading

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In honor of National Marriage Week

Apparently last week was National Marriage week. I ,myself, was so deep in the throes of actually being in a Marriage that it completely escaped me. Well, to be honest, I never knew there was such a thing. But to … Continue reading

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Never expect Silence when children are awake!

I know that it is crazy to expect to have a moment of peace and quiet to myself. I know that there are sacrifices to be made when you have children. I am on board with that. I was not … Continue reading

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Mom, Dad’s a boy, he has a peanut!

“Mom, Dad’s a boy, he has a peanut!” What you may ask yourself is my 2 year old talking about? Well, lets just say our 2 year old, like all 2 year olds I know,likes to follow us absolutely EVERYWHERE … Continue reading

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Today, there is Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday, I was shocked by the news of the day. I spent the next 24 hours “feeling” my feelings. I’d be calm, then cry, then sad, then shocked some more, then irate.As I was packing the girls room up, while … Continue reading

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2 year old Selective Hearing Syndrome and other nuggets of wisdom

I have began to wonder why none, not one,of the parenting books mentions that around the age of 2 children develop selective hearing.Hearing only the things that they want to hear and specifically those things that you don’t want them … Continue reading

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