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Spreading a little Sunshine!

I saw this video this morning and it made me smile! Hope it does the same for you! Sometimes we just need to let our super freak come out and play!

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Damn you Bree Van de Kamp!

Anyone who has ever read my blog knows that I am a super advocate of sisterhood. I think that cat fights between women are ridiculous and that if we all spent a lot more time being real and supporting each … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday, March 9, 2010!

Once again, it is Truthful Tuesday. I am being truthful today about the fact that this Tuesday I will be in a right terrible mood. Why,you ask? Today is the first day in a long line of days of when … Continue reading

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This Mommy Brain is gonna kill someone

OK, so just now it came to my attention ,as I actually have 5 minutes to think, that I have not shaved my legs for 3 days because I dropped my Gillette and it shattered into a thousand little pieces.By … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesday; February 23,2009!

OK, Truthful Tuesdays….once again, we are gathered here to expunge our psyche’s of all of this unnecessary bullshit that we’ve been carrying with us in tortured silence and not so silent misery.No judgment, no ramifications, just support and love from … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesdays, Feb.16,2010!

Good morning, my sunshines! It is Tuesday morning again! You know what that means. Time to let it all out:) Of course, today is Fat maybe we should really get it all off our chest in anticipation of Lent.I … Continue reading

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Truthful Tuesdays

OK, Ladies. I know we are all perfect Mommies, as perfect as we can be, on any given day depending on whether or not we’ve had our coffee and/or enough sleep the night before. But I think Tuesdays should be … Continue reading

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